Sweet Lady 1 oz

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Sweet Lady Is a Dark, Mysterious, Sexy Parfum that’s Alluring!

The Deep, Rich, Smooth Warm Creamy notes makes this Parfum for Ladies Soft, Sweet, and Subtle!

Not Too Sweet not Too Bright!

Sweet Lady is Very Potent!

Perfect for Everyday Wear as well as Any Special Occasions. Beautiful Warm scent for the Fall and Winter 🍁

Sweet Lady Is a scent that Definitely ties a “Night Out” outfit together Perfectly!

Not Too Overpowering but Just Enough to be Noticed! 

Warm, Sweet, and Light! Sweet Lady makes you feel Very Sexy! A must have in your fragrance Collection for this Fall or Winter!

Key Notes: Sweet, Spicy, Coffee, Almond, Woody, bergamont, Warm Vanilla, Soft Powder and Citrus.