I Am Love 1 oz

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I Am Love is a Pleasantly Clean Parfum for Ladies that opens with a Blast of Freshness! 

A Citrus, Floral, and Vanilla Scent that’s Clean, Fresh, and Viciously Uplifting!

The Citrus Sparkles, the Flowers are Delicate, and the Vanilla gives it a Smooth, Creamy Base! 

Notes that All Come Together to create something Harmonious and Very Special!

I Am Love Is a Joyful scent that will have you Smiling All Day while wearing it!!

A Casual, Office, Date Night Scent that You’ll Definitely Enjoyable at First Sniff!

I Am Love is Quite Pleasant!!

Key Notes: Citrus, Floral, Vanilla, Spicy, aromatic, Amber, and Woody.